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Idyllically embedded on the top of the Rousse hill, the Villa Rousse is an ideal place to celebrate your wedding or any other event. Villa Rousse is located in Dmeet Al Shouf, 500 meters above sea level and 15 min drive from the highway.

It is surrounded by a 400m2 wood cladding deck with an open Seaview and a 2000m2 garden which includes a front yard dominated by an olive tree pergola. As Villa Rousse is located in a nature reserve, the main objective was to reduce intervention and preserve nature. Using natural stone and wood has given the villa an unbeatable ecological balance.


Our Story


It all started in 1972 when 15 year old Nabil Wahab was on a hike with his father and came upon a piece of land,the"Rousse Hill" in Dmit, by which they were both fascinated. It was love at first site. A love that kept on growing even after he left his beloved country at 16 to start a new life in Germany. That piece of land kept calling for him and he was always dreaming of living there one day.

After his father's passing, the dream only grew stronger and he was determined to fulfill it and to buy that land. When he returned to Lebanon 25 years later, he met a girl from the very "Dmit" whom he married, and hand in hand, they worked hard to make the dream a reality. In 2002, the Wahabs bought about 12000 m2 of land in the "Rousse Hill" and with all the experience Mr. Wahab gained in Germany, he was able to build a house in total harmony with nature.


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Villa Rousse is a guarantee for making your event an everlasting memory. It is the place where you can turn your dream into an astonishing reality.

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